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Knowledge Acquired for Success

The original and sustaining premise is that individualized tutoring is most effective in assisting students to achieve their goals.  Unlike our competitors, one tutor works consistently with the same student each week.  Homework is assigned at the end of the tutoring session so newly learned skills can be practiced. Homework also includes a writing opportunity.  Each week during the summer, the student is encouraged to read a book selected from the in-house library.  After completion of the book, the student writes a brief book report.

Parents are expected to be active participants in the tutoring process.  Their involvement is a powerful tool in academic success.  Parents are informed, at the end of each session, about topics covered and the child's work during the session.  High expectations, growth, hard work and increased self-confidence are products of the tutoring process.

It was due to the belief in individualized tutoring that the business was started in August 1996 as Gregg Tutorial in the Hyde Park Bank Building.  After 18 years of service, the business was sold to KAS Tutorial and relocated to South Shore in August 2014.  The success of the business was due to the personalized attention and focus on fundamental skills given by both the owners and tutors.  The growth and development of the student - academically and socially - has been, and is, the primary focus.